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Featured Artist: Bennett Lawrence


Q: How did you get into music?

A: I started in fourth grade on strings, like a lot of people, it was new and exciting. Then I stopped playing violin and moved to trumpet, and have stuck with that ever since.

Q: What made you want to play trumpet?

A: It’s kind of a funny story. At the fifth grade auditions you try out flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone. I tried out on all four like everyone else. I got a three out of three on flute, and a one on trumpet. Mr. Harrison told me to play flute, and my dad thought that I would get made fun of  so I played trumpet.


Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

A: This year I started playing in the Metropolitan Jazz Workshop, the Youth Jazz of Kansas City and I’ve gotten to work with several artists around town. I also got to play with my ensemble at the 18th and Vine Jazz Festivle. I got into it because there are three kids who are in band with me in the KC Youth Jazz who recommended it to me. I started about a month DSC_6335and a half ago, and it has been a great learning experience.

Q: What do you get from playing the trumpet?

A: It’s a way to relax. It definitely wakes me up in the morning, going to Band in first hour, it’s a very loud class. With the AP classes I’m taking it’s a nice break.

Q: Where do you see yourself, music wise, in the future?

A: Definitely something I want to do in college. I don’t know if it would be a major yet or just something to play around the campus. I will Definitely continue on with music, I just don’t think on a professional level.

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