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Featured Artist: Annie Lomshek

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The wheel spins in a clockwise rotation as junior Annie Lomshek throws a vase. She shapes it carefully by applying pressure on one side, while slowly moving her hand up and down the clay. It’s 3:42 on a Thursday afternoon,and she’s still at school.

Lomshek became involved in ceramics first semester of her sophomore year, and continued on second semester becoming an advanced student. She admired the work of the other advanced ceramics students.

“At first I was just taking the class to take it,” said Lomshek. “Now,I actually enjoy staying after school to start a new project.”

Although there aren’t any other artists in her family, she strives to do her work well. Currently some of her pieces are displayed at the Art by Arvis art gallery in Old Overland Park. They are up for sale,but she hasn’t sold any yet.

“Annie is very dedicated to her pieces, and I love seeing the unique things she produces,” said ceramics teacher Jennifer Hensley.

A raku-fired piece composed of red crackle and white shine is one of her favorite works. The type of fire makes the object turn into a unique black color because of the wood and smoke. The bulb- shaped vase she made is a piece that continued her interest in ceramics.

There are processes it takes to create a good piece. Lomshek’s favorite is throwing on the wheel. Sticking the clay to the center of the bat and getting hands on involved is how she makes her cups, bowls and vases.

All of her best work will be displayed this upcoming weekend, May 5th and 6th starting at 6 p.m and lasting until 10. This Creative Colab will be held in the West Bottoms where many artists’work will be showcased.


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