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Featured Artist: Annie Dreyer

Junior Annie Dreyer started her blog, The Lost Angeles, in her sophomore year, showcasing her artwork and style perspective. As well as using her blog to communicate her ideas, she also uses her Instagram and has been recognized for her work by well-known fashion icons.

Q. Are there any artists or bloggers that you identify most with?

A. “The Lust List is this Instagram account where she paints, it’s amazing. She’s from Australia, and that’s like my artist crush you could say. Style-wise, my favorite is definitely Sincerely Jules. Everyone wears really high-end stuff, so I’m just over here doing my own personal thing.”

Q. What is the significance of your blog name?

“We took forever trying to figure out the name for it. My friends were like, ‘Do something with fashion’, but I didn’t want to cut it off at fashion, because I have art, and I also have a big interest in digital media… I want to live in L.A. or New York really really bad, and so I just thought of The New Yorker.”

Q. Have you gotten recognition for your artwork?

“The first one I painted. Sincerely Jules has a t-shirt line, which is really really cool, and I was like, ‘I’m going to paint five of my favorite t-shirts of hers, I’m going to post it on Instagram, and see where it goes from there.’ She commented on it… So I emailed her then she never emailed me back and I was like, ‘You know what? If she’s not going to email me back, I’m going to make her want to email me. I’m going to build my own name for myself. I’m going to have people painting my own t-shirts.’”

Q. What’s your goal in life? Is it towards art and fashion, or is this just a hobby A. “I always said I wanted to be a businesswoman, but over the past six months or so I’ve seen myself going for more of a creative work choice. If the blog goes places, then obviously people have jobs from that. That’s why I started it junior year, two years before college, if anything crazy happens before then.”

Q. Any tips for new artists or bloggers? A. “Well, I am a new artist and blogger. I went on to Blogger and I was like, ‘I’m not going to make this look like a new blog, I’m going to make it look professional.’ After looking at new blogs, they don’t look as professional… Just do your own thing, it’s fun, it shouldn’t be serious.”

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