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Featured Artist: Addie Hotchkiss

Name: Addie Hotchkiss

Grade: 11

Beginning: “I started playing cello in seventh grade. I had previously played violin, since fourth grade, but then I switched in seventh. I was ready for a change. The violin is high and squeaky and the cello is a luscious sound.”

Accomplishments: “I made All State chair last  year and this year I got fourth chair. All State is an All State Orchestra and we audition for chairs once we get there. It’s basically how prepared you are with the music and how good of a player you are and your ranking, overall, in the state.”

Favorite Aspect: “I think my favorite part is being able to connect with different people who play instruments and being in orchestra and connecting with people through music.”

Future: “I want to do music in college, but not with the cello. I want to do music education, so that’s not necessarily specializing in cello. I definitely still want to play, but maybe in an orchestra, not as a performance major.”

Featured Artist: Addie Hotchkiss

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