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Fashion, Style, Blah, Blah Blah. I get it, it becomes monotonous, and no one wants to listen, but trust me style is critical to glow-up to your final form. For me, style is a simple way of taking complicated fashion trends and making them my own. Fall is the biggest season for fashion, because of the layering opportunities, outfits can be more complex, making fall the most active fashion season. That’s why you have to find your niche. For those who struggle with that I, the fashion trend stalker, am here to help you make trends your own.

This fall, you can expect clothes heavily influenced by the ‘70s like the mini-skirt, or pantsuit. An iconic fashion era incorporating oversized jewelry, furs and velvet. The fashion matched the ‘70s free-for-all way of life with endless opportunities for self expression in fashion, and now it’s back.


If you get distracted by bemmyig and shiny things, then it’s time for you to bling it on with the oversized jewelry trend. I’m ecstatic that this trend has made a comeback, because it works perfectly for the girls of East. I
would go for more of the old-money classy girl, ‘50s Chanel look. The dazzling, large, detailed, metallic or jeweled necklaces. The flowers just get bScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 8.56.26 AMoring because it has been done over and over again these past few years. The big collared, intricate design necklaces make an outfit work.

When you do a big oversized, statement piece of jewelry, it is important not to wear a buys, puke-patterned shirt like paisley, or people might feel dizzy when they look at you. Go simple with the shirt, and try a simple white button down. You can pair that with a beautiful fifth avenue-ish necklace, not trashy jeweled necklaces. Stay away from the super flimsy, plastic Claire’s-esque items. You can find your boss-B necklace at Anthropologie, Zara or Francesca’s for a preppier look.


When you think of velvet and fur, what comes to mind? For me, I think of ‘90s witch movies (Hocus
Pocus, anyScreen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.04.39 AMone?) with velvet cloaks, and the ‘70s disco boys decked in the big fur coats, grimy from their partying. Try and erase those fun, yet haunting, looks from your mind. They worked in the past, but
it is time to take them and make them modern and stylish. Velvet is a soft, eye-catching, movable material and can go very wrong, very fast. Velvet is either played up to look classy or put together horribly and looking che
ap. Stay away from the dark colored velvet slit skirts, instead go for the cute shift dresses.

It works perfectly when paired with other textures such as knits and chiffons. The two-toned tops and patches on blazers. To find your velvet moment hit up American Apparel, thrifts or Bloomingdale’s for somethinScreen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.08.39 AMg classier.

As for fur this runway season, it was everywhere: coats, trims, dresses, accessories, even shoes. Whether
you go the faux or real route, it gives you a luxe, glamorous  look. The big, fur-coat trend, although still badass, is out of style. Instead go for the small details of fur. Whether it be a smaller fur jacket or wrap, or lining of a dress, try to incorporate it this fall. For cheap fur, I would check out Boomerang on 39th for real and fake. Whether you go with fur or velvet, adding them will be the perfect staple to a look.


The ‘70s were a turning point for America and a turning point for designers. Tom Ford wisely describes the ‘70s as soft, touchable beauty. That Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.07.38 AMeffortless girl, who has flowing yet flattering outfits is why “The ‘70s Girl Look” was the biggest showstopper on the runways this year. Fair warning, though, tie-dye and cut-off shorts are both overdone.

If you want to do the decade justice, go for a simple, yet chic, slip dress; you will become an eye-catching goddess. It was created in the ‘20s, starting off as an undergarment for women’s clothing, then designers like Yves Saint Laurent made them big again in the ‘70s.
It is one of the most versatile dresses, because you can get a classier silk slip and pair it with kitten heels to dress it up, or wear a simple cloth one with birkenstocks that could
be worn to school. You can find one at Free Spirit, Urban Outfitters or Nordstroms. Other ways to incorporate the look is a patterned button-down and a cute mini skirt, with chunky heels or wedges.

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