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Theatre Begins Fall Play “The Children’s Hour”

doconnor_20131105_2502This year’s fall play, The Children’s Hour, is a dramatic portrayal of how a simple lie can go awry. A troublesome student starts a rumor that the two headmistresses of her school are having a lesbian affair, which turns to scandal. The Children’s Hour is showing  in the SM East Dan Zollars Auditorium Nov. 7, 8, and 9 at 7 p.m. The event is free for all East students with ID.


Peggy Rogers: Megan Gertzen

Catherine: Megan Heeney

Lois Fisher: Bailey Camp

Mrs. Lily Mortar: Merit Christensen

Evelyn Munn: Sophie Fields

Helen Burton: Lucy Blake

Rosalie Wells: Natalie Kaufman

Janet: Katherine Chester

Leslie: Carson Camp

Mary Tilford: Chloe Kerwin

Karen Wright: Elsa Bernauer

Martha Dobie: Maddie Roberts

Dr. Joseph Cardin: Alex Ritchie

Agatha: Mackenzie Hobbs

Mrs. Amelia Tilford: Abby Cramer

A Grocery Boy: Ian Lee

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