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Fall Fashion Trend Report by La Mode Du Jour

“It’s the wearer who makes a garment stylish.” – Laura Alba

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Artwork by Miranda Gibbs

The largest trend for Fall 2013 is modern, gender-fluid and flattering. Put in the simplest terms: unisex trends are everywhere. Here you will find the key to success on how to dominate these color, texture, pattern and concept trends. Keep in mind that these trends can mix and match and be combined with different color, pattern and texture trends.

  • Colors: all shades of grey and green (emerald + forest)

    • accents of traditional fall colors (burgundy, orange, navy)

  • Textures: leather, velvet, quilted accents

    • traditional fall textures (corduroy, knits – yay!)

  • Patterns: distinctive repetitive patterns (like plaid, tweed, etc.)

  • Must Have Pieces for Fall 2013:

    • Shoes: knee, ankle, or over-the-knee boots, oxfords and loafers

    • Accessories: statement scarves (bright colors, bold patterns, heavy fabric), beanies and backpacks

    • Clothing: Knit sweater, crisp white t-shirt

    • Piece of the Fall/Winter Season for Men and Women: Statement Coats

Just like last year when “menswear for women” was introduced, slimming blazers and cuffed pants are increasingly more prevalent, as are concept trends like grunge, military and prep school.

The military trend was introduced in Spring 2013 with camo prints, studs and parkas for outerwear. This season, the military trend emphasizes on wearing structured pieces in forest green, navy and black. Instead of studs, look for clothes embellished with extra pockets, gold, leather and quilted accents. BUT don’t toss out those camo jackets yet! You may be thinking that it’s so last season, but you’re wrong. Kind of. Camo is totally still on trend for this fall, but wearing it with more structured and slimming shapes, boots and a skinny jean (instead of flowy tops and cut-off shorts like in the spring) will give you the effortlessly trendy outfit you are looking for.

While the military trend is more casual, the prep school trend is great because you can wear in both fancy and casual settings. When you wear this trend, sport sleek, colorful, figure-flattering clothes with eye-catching patterns. Contrary to the menswear trend, this look should accentuate your body type as well as show off your style. For girls, an easy go-to-look is a waist-hugging skirt with a sweater and boots. For boys, a skinny pant with colorful socks and oxfords is the easiest go-to look. You may not believe this, but the prep school and grunge trends can be combined! For example: a pleated plaid skirt with loafers combines both grunge and prep school trends.

Grunge began in the 1990s as an anti-conformist movement along with metal music. The trend originated on the streets (instead of the runway) of urban cities across the U.S. and England. Grunge was unlike any other trend before because it was rebellious, dirty and monochromatic, and encouraged tattoos and piercings. Grunge is classicly all plaid and leather, but today it encompasses the classic grunginess, but with slightly sleeker, more figure-flattering skirts. It essentially channels the scene of Brits with good music taste, therefore Converse All-Stars and Dr. Martens are no brainers. The unisex aspect of grunge has been a must since it started, but tightening it up gives us menswear.

Menswear is the most classic, yet modern and line-blurring trend this season because it encourages unisex dress even more than American Apparel. The major piece for this trend is a slimming tux (pant suit) because it will never go extinct, it will just continue to evolve. This fall, a skinny cropped or cuffed trouser and blazer is the key to success. It can be worn in burgundy or grey to be on color trend, or in velvet or with a graphic print to be on the texture and print trends. If you are a trendsetter, going with a minty-blue suit like Macklemore at the VMAs or a baby pink suit seen at Saks Fifth Avenue will put you a step ahead of the curve. Any way you go, you’ll win.

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