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Fall DIY: Fox Coffee Cup Sleeve


Fox Coffee Cup Sleeve

Even if I already have my Pumpkin Spice Latte, there can never be enough fall-themed things. This coffee sleeve is the perfect way to be even more autumnal in your everyday life.
Here’s how to do it:


1 Cardboard Coffee Sleeve
9×12 inch orange felt
Small square white felt
Small square black felt
Fabric Glue


1) Coffee Sleeve Base:

Disconnect cardboard sleeve sides so it lies flat on your work surface, forming a long and rectangular shape. Use marker to trace it onto the orange felt. Cut out your coffee sleeve base.

2) Forming the Fox Ears:

With your extra orange felt, cut out two triangles to form the ears of the fox. With the white felt, cut two white triangles slightly smaller than the orange ones.

Use fabric glue to place the white triangles onto the large orange triangles. Make sure that they are glued high enough to leave some extra space at the bottom of the larger triangles, so they can be attached to the base of the coffee sleeve.

Glue the ears in middle of the coffee sleeves upper side (the side that curves upward). Use only a strip of glue. If needed, use another piece of orange felt to cover the attached part of the ears for support.

Let it sit until completely dry.

3) Making the Fox Face

Use the black felt to cut out two small circles for the eyes of the fox. Glue to the sleeve. Save scraps.

Cut an inch wide and ½ inch tall oval from the white felt.

Cut out a wide teardrop shape to form nose. Glue this onto the white oval.

Use curved scraps from the extra black felt to make the mouth of the fox and to connect it to the nose.

Connect the two short sides of the coffee sleeve together.

Let dry completely. Enjoy!







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