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Disclaimer: I’m used to my mom whipping up a dinner of chicken and quinoa or steamed vegetables, which made Eat Fit Go the perfect place for me. However, if you’re not a chicken and veggies kind of person, Eat Fit Go might not be your go-to place.

Unlike a typical restaurant where you wait for your food to be cooked, Eat Fit Go’s meals are all pre-prepared at an off-site kitchen. The plethora of different breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options are all waiting in a fridge for you to choose from. You can then take your meal to go, or heat it up in one of their microwaves and dine in at one of their three tables or at the bar top.

The first time I went for dinner and I took my meal home. My mom wasn’t going to be home that night, so it was the perfect supplement. Walking into the small, yet sleek restaurant in Corinth Square, the abundance of options awaiting me in the rows of fridges reassured me that I’d be able to find something appetizing. After briefly perusing the shelves upon shelves of options, I decided on the “Basic Salmon meal.”

After two minutes in the microwave, my salmon, broccoli and converted rice were ready to go. I was pleased to discover that the salmon tasted like it came fresh off the grill, not like it had sat prepackaged and then been reheated in a microwave, like I was nervously expecting.

However, the converted rice, which I later Googled to discover is white rice prepared from brown rice steamed under pressure, tasted just as I expected. The cardboard taste could only be that of bland rice reheated in the microwave. The broccoli was a nice side, but if you’re not a veggie eater, the plain, steamed broccoli would probably not entice your taste buds.

The next day I went during my lunch hour and had the “Sweet Potato Smart Chicken.” The chicken was dry, but the side of perfectly mashed sweet potatoes balanced out the dryness. Bonus: it included a side of steamed broccoli! Even better was that it was the perfect destination for my 25 minute lunch period. With the two minute drive from East, I had time to heat my meal up in their clean and conveniently provided microwaves, eat a little and take the rest to go.

The food is cooked with no preservatives, guaranteeing freshness and 90 percent of the menu is gluten free. The friendly employee explained to me that a majority of the meals have carbs like pasta and rice, unlike many diet programs, because Eat Fit Go believes carbs are an important nutrient for the brain.

My third trip to Eat Fit Go was for breakfast, where I dined in and had the “Southwest Scramble.” This bowl of egg whites, turkey, veggies and a little bit of cheddar cheese finally had brought me some flavor my previous meals had lacked. The touch of cheese sprinkled on top felt like a shock to my taste buds, which had previously been left without any sort of seasoning or flavoring.

The portion sizes were filling, with small and large options available for every meal. And at roughly $10 a meal, you can swap your Chipotle burrito for their breakfast tacos for about the same price and for a third of the calories.

I’ll be back to Eat Fit Go when I’m reminded of my New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. Because of its unique concept of fast food healthy eating, Eat Fit Go is the perfect stop for a quick bite. However, if your taste buds are calling out for a kick of salt or a punch of spice, Eat Fit Go’s menu of plain ingredients won’t be the place for you.

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