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Eastipedia: Wiley Wright Swimming Pool

Able to boast two names, 22 state champion teams and many D1 college athletes, the Wiley Wright Swimming Pool building continues its legacy as home to a tradition of SM East excellence.

Originally referred to as simply “The Pool,” the building was renamed “Wiley Wright Pool” in 2010 commemorating Coach Wiley Wright’s 25th year at East. Now in his 27th year, Wright is the longest tenured coach in East’s history and is loved by his athletes, for good reason.

Wright took over the position in the fall of 1985 after friend and former coach Jerry Sprague passed away suddenly. He was offered the job of swim coach by Art Newcomer, the Athletic Director at the time. Since then, Wright has led the team to five state championships and 14 league titles.

A unique aspect of the building is that nearly every student at East has a connection with it. The pool itself is used for everything from early morning practices to pool parties for the “Save the Dolphins” fundraiser. Gym classes use the pool for fitness, relays, and water polo. The Pool is one of the many East buildings that lives on in alumni memories for years after.

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