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Eastipedia: The Little Theatre

With a maximum occupancy of only 100 people, the Little Theatre is a feature of SM East that doesn’t go to waste. It gets used for Frequent Fridays, rehearsals, auditions and many more things related to drama.

Theatre Kids rehearsing scripts.The Little Theatre provides a place for performing arts students to practice and showcase for others in a smaller and more low-key environment than the auditorium. The theatre provides a place for all things drama, allowing the students to go further in their hobbies.

“When we are in the Little Theatre, it’s easy for me to learn things about my own acting and improve on it.” junior Mollie Mytinger said.

Students gather most days before and after school to show each other their work and improve their own. They mostly use the Little Theatre for practice and to host minor performances that aren’t big enough for the main auditorium. Frequent Fridays, that take place in the Little Theatre, are produced by seniors and open to anyone who wants to audition and participate.

“When you are performing in the little theatre, it’s not like the main stage at all because you Students on stage getting ready for the big show.definitely feel more comfortable with such a smaller audience and it is so much easier to perform for people.” sophomore  Carson Camp said, who is currently rehearsing for an upcoming   Frequent Friday.

 Located just down the hall from the main office, the little theatre has a bulletin board of pictures, upcoming events and a TV monitor with additional information.

Inside, the theatre is just like what you would think it is. It looks like a smaller version of the auditorium with a fewer number of seats and a smaller stage. There arThe call board outside the theatre.e no walkways above the stage, though, and as long as the actors and actresses speak loud enough, there is no need for the use of microphones and a sound system.

In the back of the room, there is a clear window for senior producers, or any director to sit and watch the rehearsal and give feedback to the performance.

The little theatre all around provides a perfect tool for students to use. They can improve their performance skills and be creative in any way they want.

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