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Eastipedia: Student Council


Student Council (StuCo) is the student-run organization responsible for planning and organizing school and extracurricular activities for the student body. StuCo members meet every Wednesday morning in room 307 located at the bottom of the main staircase.

StuCo was established at East in 1958. It has a total of six sponsors, one for each grade, who deal with grade-specific issues such as making senior T-shirts or planning a class gift. Hannah Pence and Brenda Fishman, the two main sponsors, oversee the organization, its members and their activities.

The class sponsors are as follows:
Seniors: Monique Goodeyon
Juniors: Jennifer Hair
Sophomores: Andrea Franklin
Freshmen: Laure Losey

There are 51 students involved in StuCo, run by an executive board. The members of the executive board are as follows:
President: Kyle Baker
Vice President: Sara Nestler
Secretary: Taylor Sawalich
Treasurer: Laurell Stegelman

The executive board is elected by the student body in February of the previous year. A president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer are elected for each class in March of the previous year. Five representatives for each class are elected in the fall.

Each StuCo member is assigned to a committee. The responsibilities of each committee chair are to advise other StuCo members assigned to specific events such as dances and fundraisers. Responsibility for organizing events such as the Can Drive benefitting the Johnson County Christmas Bureau, the Love Fund Color Run and school dances falls to StuCo. They plan the details of these events like theme, food and decoration.

Five committees direct the organization of events. The committe chairs are as follows:
Charity: Grace Chisholm and Claire Gibbs
Social: Halle Connelly and Ellie Mitchell
Public Relations: Maura Kate Mitchelson and Denny Rice
Special Events: Madeline Long and Julia Stopperan
Student Court: Morgan Biles

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