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Eastipedia: SHARE Room


The SHARE room can be summed up in three words: happy, colorful and casual.

The SHARE room number is 463 and it is located on on the fourth floor in the stairwell by the science classrooms. It used to be in the nurse’s office, but it moved to the room previously used for the science teachers’ meetings.

The room is where all of the administration for SHARE takes place. The SHARE executives have third hour there to plan and discuss events and projects and track service hours.

Though the room is constantly in use, it is very relaxed.

“[It’s] almost more like a family room feel,” SHARE coordinator Krissie Wiggins said.

The room is filled with comfy chairs and there’s a blue couch covered in pillows. On the wall is a colorful chalk board and there are always snacks and drinks.

“You don’t need to come in there and feel stressed about anything related to school,” Wiggins said. “It’s all good in the SHARE room. It’s all about doing good work and when you’re doing good work you can’t go wrong.”

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