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Eastipedia: Shaban Scott

East industrial technology teacher and freshman girls basketball coach Shaban Scott was born in Kansas City, Mo. Scott has eight siblings, five brothers and three sisters. As a kid he enjoyed spending time with his family and playing sports. Scott tried soccer, bowling, baseball and wrestling, but basketball was his favorite sport.

One of Scott’s favorite pre-teen memories was when he attended a summer camp at Oklahoma State University with the National Youth Sports Program.

“Quite a few of the football players [took us around], and [involved] us in sports activities,” Scott said. “It was a blast.”

Scott said he was mature as a teenager; he had to be because he moved out of his house when he was 16 years old. Following high school at Grandview High in Oklahoma, Scott joined the Air Force. He was part of the Honor Guard and Munitions Crew, and while in the Air Force he earned the meritorious service medal and national defense ribbon for his excellence.

“I was a younger guy and I wanted to fly. I actually joined for the adventure,” Scott said. “On the backside it was money to pay for college.”

After the Air Force, Scott attended Langston University for his undergraduate degree. Near the completion of Scott’s graduate degree, a professor asked him to teach a summer computer science course. Although he had never intended to teach, he quickly realized he had a love for it and changed his major to Urban Education. After deciding to be a teacher Scott attended the University of Central Missouri for his masters degree.

Scott now has four sons, Shaban Jr., Aubrey, Savhon and Carter. He enjoys spending time with them which usually means playing or watching sports. One of Scott’s best memories with his kids was during his son Aubrey’s flag football games. Before the game Aubrey told Scott he would get three touchdowns. Scott didn’t think it would happen, but he supported his son anyway. During the game Aubrey scored two touchdowns and a two point conversion. When Carter was scoring his first touchdown, Scott ran up and down the sidelines yelling “That’s my son! That’s my son!” Scott enjoys having fun with his kids and is serious about raising them to be good adults.

“[I want my children to be] productive citizens that understand the meaning of true manhood and responsibility.”

In his free time Scott enjoys Jazz along with basketball. He taught himself how to play the saxophone and has been playing for around 15 years. One of Scott’s favorite East-sponsored events is Jazzing at the Gym which he attends every year.

Scott loves basketball. He is the coach of the freshman girls basketball team and enjoys drawing up plays for the team in his free time. Scott doesn’t prefer the girls game over the boys game he just wants to be involved in the sport.

“Basketball is basketball,” Scott said. “I just love the sport.”

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