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Eastipedia: Senior Service Day


Photo by Katherine Odell. Multimedia by Kaleigh Koc.

This year senior service day will take place on Wednesday, October 19th, while the rest of the school will be in various testing. The goal of senior service day is to get all the seniors together one last time to volunteer throughout their community before they graduate.

“We do service projects for the whole day and all the seniors are encouraged to do it,” said senior Bailey Riecker. You get excused out of school for the whole day, and it’s basically just like away to help the community,” said senior Bailey Riecker

SHARE execs reached out to as many organizations as they could in the greater KC Community in hopes to have a large list of charities for the seniors to choose from when deciding where they want to spend their time volunteering. They ended up with around fifteen different organizations for the seniors to volunteer at.  

“We contacted a bunch of organizations and asked if they would host us, we wanted to do as many organizations as we could,” SHARE exec Sarah Blumenthal said. “Some organizations like Operation Breakthrough are only take four volunteers but others like after the harvest took fifty.”

Seniors were given two days last week to sign up for an organization of choice online.

“I’m doing Harvesters because I have volunteered there in the past, and there are lots of other great organizations like Uplift where you get to go bring food to homeless people, or Wayside Waifs where you can help puppies,” Riecker Said.

STUCO has also done its part bringing together the seniors on senior service day by hosting a picnic after a day of volunteering. They have been working with Henhouse and other grocery stories in the area to get things such as fruit and water donated for the picnic.

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