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Eastipedia: Presidential Service Award

The Presidential Service Award is a recognition handed out to around 30 students annually for their contribution of service hours to the community. All applicants who complete the required 100 hours earn the award.

After completing a service, students must have the hours certified by the organization they’re serving or someone helping coordinate their service. One of those people is SHARE coordinator Krissie Wiggins.

For a high school student 15 years or older, 100 hours or more earns a bronze medal, 175 hours or more earns a silver medal, and 200 hours or more earns a gold medal. After earning silver last year, junior Carolyn Kinney is hoping to earn the gold medal this year.

“I love volunteering and being able to give back to the community just makes me really happy,” Kinney said. “It makes me feel like I’m making a difference.”

To earn these service hours, Kinney contributes to the community by helping with blood drives, helping out with a 5K for ovarian cancer and feeding the homeless through the Uplift Organization.

As for the future, Krissie Wiggins explains this award looks impressive for college, scholarship, and even career applications.

“This award shows that you look and think outside of yourself and your own little world,” Wiggins said. “It shows that you’re a generous person. Most schools, organizations, and businesses could use lots of good people like that.”

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