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Eastipedia: Ping Pong Club


Focus is in the eyes of the competitors as they await the serve. It’s In! Slapped back with a forehand return, the point begins. Grunts and sweat fill the atmosphere. No, this is not Wimbledon. This is Ping Pong club, held in the fourth floor hallway, Mondays after school.

Established in 2008, Ping Pong club has become an increasingly popular after\school activity. The club currently has 15 consistent members, but the number fluctuates every week and usually results in double that size.

“I joined the club when I was a sophomore because my friend was the president,” said current co-president of ping pong club, Will Simpson. The other co-president, Jake Marsh, joined at the same time.

They are in charge of organizing the club, which involves setting up and taking down of the tables after their ping pong games.

Usually one of these tables is set aside for a game called “King of the Hill,” where there is a champion on one side and challenger trying to take their spot, this game allows an infinite amount of people to play.

“This is how how we accommodate for the packed days when 25 students may show up,” Simpson said.

The other two tables are used by people who are interested in playing actual games. Depending on the amount of people, these could turn into doubles games.

People of all grades and all athletic abilities are welcome at Ping Pong club. With the clubs ever-changing attendance, there is always new competition on the wanting to experience the action. 

“Jake and I also try to promote the club to people we think might be interested,” Simpson said. “Eventually we’re going to try to get a tournament going, open to anybody who wants to play.


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