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Eastipedia: Krissie Wiggins

Krissie Wiggins: coordinator for the SHARE program at East and full-time mom. At home, she is responsible for chauffeuring, preparing food and keeping her three boys civil. At East, however, she has eight children. These seniors are the SHARE executives that help East students with volunteer service opportunities around the Kansas City area.

“I can’t believe how many students aren’t familiar with SHARE and I’d like to change that!” Wiggins said.

Wiggins has always known about SHARE, by being a parent volunteer, last summer after 15 years of full time job of being a mom, she decided that was just the job for her; She knew that she had become very passionate in her role of community volunteer.

Wiggins says that everyday she comes to work, it is the kids that keep her loving what she does. They continue to amaze her with their endless passion to help others, just like herself.
“These are the kids we have at East,” Wiggins said. “These are the kids equipped to make a difference in this world.”

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