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Eastipedia: Jeremy Higgins

Assistant Principal Jeremy Higgins was born in Fredonia, KS. After about eighteen months until moving to Lyons, KS. Lyons is located in almost the dead center of Kansas, and the town has a population of about 3,500- our high school is more than half the size of the entire town. Growing up in a small town meant meager opportunities academically and athletically. This enabled Higgins to learn the importance of hard work, responsibility, and perseverance at an early age.

As a kid Higgins spent most of his free time playing sports, pretend guns, and hanging out with his friends. Both of Higgins’ parents worked in education and coached athletics since he was young. Higgins would often spend his evenings at his parent’s sports practices.

Higgins attended Lyons High School. Performing well in school was important to him. His teachers and coaches thought of him as a good leader and a good student. Something that has always been prevalent in Higgins’ life is his will to do well in everything he does. He always give one-hundred-percent. One of his best high school moments was announced Valedictorian, as well as the athlete of the year award. Higgins also earned All-League honors in football and basketball and All-State honors in baseball.

Higgins went to Cloud County Community College and played on the baseball team for two years. After his time at Cloud County, he transferred to Wichita State to finish his education. Though sometimes there is a stigma associated with Community College, Higgins enjoyed Cloud County because it gave him an opportunity to continue to play baseball, and because he was able to meet many people including some longtime friends.

Higgins is currently married with a child on the way. He met his wife, Ashley, at a friend’s wedding; Higgins was the best man and Ashley was a bridesmaid. Immediately Higgins knew she was special to him, but it wasn’t until a little over a year that he moved in with her and later married her. Higgins proposed on a trip to Key West, FL for Ashley’s friend’s wedding. They were taking pictures on the beach off Islamorada and after they finished Higgins got down on a knee and proposed, asking for one more picture to be taken of the couple. They have been married for two years.

In his sixth year at East, and first as an Associate Principal, Higgins is excited for his new position. He enjoyed teaching Chemistry, but he wanted to be an Administrator. Higgins’ favorite and least favorite parts of the job are that something new comes up every day. It keeps the job interesting, but sometimes it prevents him from getting things done that he had wanted to accomplish.

In the future, Higgins wants to continue to build relationships with students and teachers at East, get his doctorate in school leadership, possibly become a school principal, and most importantly be the best dad and husband he can possibly be.

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