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Eastipedia: Jennifer Holder

Jennifer Holder is known as a “fun” and “relaxed” teacher throughout the East student body. Students say they feel a more personal connection with her because of her approach to teaching.
“She’s not like my other teachers because she’s really free spirited and brings a fun vibe to whatever she’s teaching”, said student Paloma Dickey. “I also really enjoyed that her classroom felt more independent than most of my other teachers.”
SM East Spanish teacher, Jennifer Holder, has been a teacher since she was in her forties. Before she became a teacher she was an accountant, but decided to start teaching once she became a single mother in her forties. She has been teaching at East for six years, but before East, taught for eight years at a small, Catholic school. She has enjoyed teaching at both schools.
“I decided to be a teacher because I became a single mom and I was working twelve hour days and away from my daughter all during the summer and everything, said Senora Holder. “I decided to go into teaching so I could have more time to spend with my daughter. I’m glad I did it too.”
Her relatability and interaction with students is one of her favorite parts of the job.
“I like the interaction with the students”, said Senora Holder. “That’s my favorite part. I prefer to be as hands on as possible. I think I have a little more relaxed teaching style”

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