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Freelancer is the student-run literary magazine of SM East. The magazine contains art and writing from East students. Freelancer is created and run by a small group of students. This year’s editors are Sarah King and Duri Long and its sponsor is Laura Beachy.

Freelancer was established in 2007 originally called The Voice but the name was changed by former student Landon McDonald in 2009 with hopes to reinvent the magazine. The idea behind the magazine is to provide a collection of art in the form of illustrations and writing that isn’t assigned or graded. All of the work in the Freelancer magazine is generated by students without assignments or requirements, students are free to create any work they want. Another appeal of the magazine is that it provides a place for creative students to share their talents.

In its first two years The Voice was only distributed to students that helped make it, but McDonald thought that everyone should get to see it. He and Beachy worked to find a way to get it out to everyone. The answer was money, the district provides no funding to Freelancer. In 2009, Beachy acquired a grant for that magazine that would help fund new computers for the designers and help with printing costs. Last year the magazine had to have several fundraisers in order to make money for printing and they also had to be sold for $10.

Most of the work in Freelancer is submitted by East students. Editors and other members of the club have to creatively organize the work with Adobe InDesign. Work on the magazine takes place all year long. Flummer, or Freelancer summer, is one of the club’s favorite events. Members get together to come up with ideas for work and begin creating it.

“Flummer was a great time because it allowed us [to get a lot done]. When someone committed to a prompt [they would draw out of a hat] and get a prize,” Sarah King said. “This year we are doing it over the Holidays and we are calling it ‘Floliday.’”

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