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Photos by Ava Simonsen

Junior Tessa Worner makes her way to the library once the bell rings at 2:40 p.m. to meet with her friends in the library. She signs in, grabs a bag of chips and a drink and sits down with two of her friends and begins her homework.

Worner and her friends are ready for East for Excellence, a program that allows students to have a quiet place to get help with homework or tutoring twice a week.

East for Excellence is held in the library every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from about 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. Students who attend have the opportunity to get help from teachers who specialize in the area they need guidance in. Also, National Honors Society students are available to tutor students and earn service hours.

Worner believes that this extra set aside time to work is very useful to get things she has to do with a lot of resources around.

“It’s a really cool opportunity to study and do my homework with my friends and get some help from other students or teachers. Sometimes I come alone [and] sometimes I come with my friends,” Worner said. “Going [to East for Excellence] has helped my grades a lot.”

tei_2143A teacher from each academic department – math, science, English and foreign language – attends. They are available to help struggling students if they are unable to see their teacher for help or get a paid tutor. Spanish teacher, Pamela James, attends at least once each week in order to assist Spanish students looking for help.

“I feel like it’s a very good opportunity to get some extra help if students need it; some free one on one tutoring,” James said.

However, James is disappointed that more students don’t attend.

“I think it’s a great program. I think it can help students, although not as many students take advantage of it as they should,” James said.

While attendance isn’t high, many students have benefitted from the resources provided at East for Excellence.

“Just coming here helped me set aside time to study,” Worner said. “At the same time, I’m a very social person so it also helped me study and be social.”

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