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Eastipedia: Coalition

Coalition is a club of 41 students whose self-proclaimed mission is “changing ‘da world”. The club meets on Wednesdays after school in room 202 with a range of attendees, but usually sees a turnout of about 15 to 20 students.

Jessie Light and Sarah Are founded the group in 2008 and worked with groups like Invisible Children and Free Rice, two organizations that the club continues to support. Past group sponsors include Debe Bramley, David Muhammad and James Meara – the current sponsor.

“A lot of students don’t really get the opportunity to make a difference on some really serious world issues,” Meara said. “Everyone in the club is really motivated and the group really does a lot of good.”

The group aims to change the world by raising awareness as well as finances for causes that they have deemed important in the world today. The most significant contributions the group has brought has been the creation of a well in southeast Asia through Charity Water and financial support to Love146 and Free Rice among others.

“We raise money and awareness for social injustices happening around the world. We educate ourselves on world atrocities as well as plan events and fundraisers for non-profit groups trying to stop [them],” treasurer Samie Fetzer said.

So far this year, Coalition has had a dance marathon, which raised $400, and a Free Rice competition and they are currently planning their annual Love146 Benefit Concert to be held March 22.

Presidents: Brennan Williams and Gracie Tapp
Vice President: Carey Schafer
Secretary: Ann Schlotzhaur
Treasurer: Samie Fetzer
Public Relations: Helena Buchmann

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