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Eastipedia: Academic Worldquest


Every Thursday after school, the four members of Academic Worldquest meet in Ms. Fishman’s room to study topics and practice in preparationfor the regional competition this Spring.

According to (Inernational Relations Council of Kansas City),  Academic Worldquest is a global knowledge program for high school students. Each year, International Relations Council hosts a competition for area high schools. A team from each school, made up of four students, answer questions divided into ten international categories.

The team that wins the regional competition in the spring goes on to a national competition in Washington D.C.

Members of this club include seniors Nate Paris and Jack Eddy, as well as juniors Morgan Biles and Coleman Brockmeier.

The team of four has been preparing for the competition for a few weeks now. Because the competition isn’t until later on in March, they aren’t cramming or working too hard to practice, but they still find it imporatant to become firmiliar with all the topics.

“There’s not a ton to do first semester, but once late January and Febuary hits, we really start to go hard,” Paris said.

Last year Paris competeted in the competition, making him the only returning member. Paris’ team ended up placing second at regionals with his team, one place away from the D.C trip. He plans to work extra hard with his team this year in hopes to place first.

“I think it’s more of a relization of what you’re studying for, but I think all the work we’re doing will make it a lot easier to do well this spring,” Paris said.

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