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East Students Share Plans for Stay-home Spring Break

The past few weeks, East students have been packing their suitcases and counting down the days until spring break. Once the bell rang on the last day of third quarter, students immediately evacuated the building to catch their plane or drive to their vacation destination, varying from the slopes of Vail to the Cayman Islands.

For some, spring break is an opportunity to go travel to a different state or country. Others, like senior Isabelle Huyett, see the time off from school as a chance to relax.

“I don’t see anything wrong with staying home for break,” Huyett said. “It’s just a chance to relax from school and hang out with friends. Like this morning I slept in until 10:30 and then watched ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’ with Meg Ryan. It was nice.”

Huyett, who has gone to Florida for break in the past, says the main reason her family is staying home is because of her mom’s job.

“She’s on a work trip in Chicago right now,” Huyett said. “We didn’t want to go anywhere without her.”

The worst part of staying home for spring break for freshman Haley Johnston is hearing about other East students’ vacations.

“I go on Facebook and hear about all these great places my friends went to like the mountains or the beach,” Johnston said. “I just wish I could be there, instead of at home.”

Freshman Kaitlin Stewart likes having the chance to relax, thinks the only bad side of staying home for spring break is the cold Kansas weather.

“The weather is terrible,” Stewart said. “I wanted it to be sunny so I could at least try to get a little bit tan for when everyone else comes back from the beaches.”

Huyett is looking forward to a two day biking trip on the Katy trail with her brother and dad. Although she’s never biked before, she thinks it will be exciting to explore the trails.

“It’ll be hard,” Huyett said. “I don’t even own a bike; I have to use my mom’s. It’ll be a good experience though.”

As for the rest of break, Johnston plans on taking advantage of no school to catch up on some sleep.

“Yeah, I wish I was traveling to some cool place,” Johnston said. “But at least I get to sleep in now. I’m definitely not setting my alarm.”

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