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East Students Advance to National Forensics Tournament


Photo by Audrey Kesler


Before leaving for spring break, six Advanced Forensics students placed in the Competitive Forensics League (CFL) on March 11 at Sumner High School. Of the 15 students from East that competed, seniors Nick Massa and Trenton Hawes and juniors Brianna Currie and Luke Knopke qualified individually, along with the duo junior Matthew Trecek and freshman Jack Heeney. Over the summer they will travel to Kentucky for the nationals tournament.

At the CFL competition, each student presented for three judges in three rounds of prelims. The judges ranked the competitors, and the top six in each category move on to another round in front of five judges.

“Higher stakes can sometimes throw students off,” Forensics teacher Trey Witt said. “I tell them you have to go in rehearsed and practiced but at the same time it’s important to deliver it as if it were the first time every time.”

Prior to competitions, students choose two scenarios to present, either memorized or non-memorized. Some spend three weeks practicing their presentation before signing up to compete. Students use class time to prepare performances and get help from Witt and his assistant. The teachers give them constructive feedback to tune up their pieces.

Currie competed individually in two events: Oral Interpretation of Literature and Dramatic Interpretation. Placing in the top six, she will compete in Oral Interpretation of Literature at nationals.

“Nationals is going to be really competitive, but I am looking forward to going up against people from everywhere because it’s different than what I normally do,” Currie said.

In the next few weeks, East will participate in multiple invitational competitions for state. But, students who didn’t qualify for nationals will have another opportunity to qualify at the second CFL on April 21 and 22.

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