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East, Rockhurst Chick-fil-A Competition Changed

The small red and white bags fill trash cans to the brim throughout the school. The stench can be found in any car. It’s slowly draining students’ bank accounts. It’s Chik-fil-A season.

For the past couple years, East has participated in an eating contest against Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Mo. Whichever school eats the most Chik-fil-A sandwiches wins the contest, and a percentage of the sandwiches is given to charity. But last year, neither school participated in the contest after news broke out Chik-fil-A giving money to anti-gay organizations. This year, East has brought back the competition, but the competition is in between East grade levels.

When senior Megan Gillespie heard that East wouldn’t be competing against Rockhurst in the eating contest, she was upset.

“Usually with Rockhurst, it’s a lot more competitive as comparison with the freshman and seniors,” Gillespie said.

Rockhurst decided not to participate in the contest due to bad timing.

“Next week we have our annual mission week, which is an all week thing were we try to raise usually an upwards of $40,000 throughout the week,” Jack Livers, a senior at Rockhurst said. “We didn’t want everyone to spend their money this week at Chik-fil-A, especially considering Chik-fil-A only gives a certain percentage of the sales that they have during this week to charities.”

The East seniors and freshmen are competing against the sophomores and juniors in the eating contest. The contest will be over at the end of the day and the winners will be given coupons for a free milkshake. Twenty percent of East eaten food will be donated to the Bret Miller 1T Foundation.

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