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Breaking News: East Fund’s Student Ambassadors Begin Working

The East Fund, a donation-based organization that provides grants to projects at East, has established a student voice within the fund through selecting student ambassadors this year.  

These 14 students were officially selected last Spring, but are now beginning their work within the fund, and attended their first meeting this year on Sep. 7. They are expected to provide insight for the board of the East Fund and promote it as well. Since this is the first group of students to take on this role, all ambassadors are children of families involved in the East Fund.

Students participate in meetings twice a month. The ambassadors will have two main responsibilities: advising board members on which grants will prove beneficial, and determining if the East Fund’s current programs at East are successful and going to good use.

Sophomore and student ambassador Paige Lynch believes this new voice will benefit the overall school and boost the East Fund’s effectiveness.

“I think it will [benefit] the school, because I don’t think that adults necessarily always have the same mindset as the students, so they don’t really know what would benefit us the most and where the money would be most useful,” Lynch said.

Current ambassadors have been assigned to go around to classrooms to see if the East Fund grants are being utilized, and to observe how they are being used. Some of these grants they are checking on are new band instruments, the biology tower gardens for growing plants, and the benches for the outdoor classroom. In addition, ambassadors plan on using social media as a platform to post about these grants in order to spread awareness of the East Fund and their works.

In addition to the insightful educated viewpoint student ambassadors will bring, they will also encourage student-submitted grant proposals so other students’ voices may be heard as well.

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