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Police Execute PV Drug Raid

Last Thursday, at 9:45 a.m., the Prairie Village and the Overland Park Police Departments, with the support of the Johnson County Medivac, conducted a drug raid on the home at 4020 on 75th street across from East’s Junior parking lot.

For this raid to materialize, a search warrant had to be obtained. The exact details of how this warrant was obtained, is not able to be released to the public due to the involvement of some undercover officers. Some of these officers who were present at the raid, wore ski masks, as a means of protecting their identities.

Student Resource Officer Joel Porter, explained that the warrant was obtained, based on probable because. Legally this means some reasonable suspicion was established that there was illegal activity going on at the house.

According to Porter, there were residents at home but no force was used when the warrant was served. However, the Overland Park Police Department did provide canines, in case someone did attempt to flee from the home.

Currently the results of this drug raid are classified as pending. This is another process similar to that of obtaining the warrants.

“Things have to be sent to the crime lab for testing so that you know for sure… there actually is a crime” Porter said.

Until these tests are conducted there is no definite case. When they are completed the result will be sent to the District Attorney for legal purposes.

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