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Drill Team Gets National Bid

For the second year in a row, the Lancer Dancers have received a bid to go to the National Dance Alliance, NDA, Nationals in Orlando, Fla. However many Lancer Dancers may not be able to go due to the expense of $1300-1500 for the trip as well as the time commitment.Whether a girl goes or not is a individual decision. The girls will make their final decision next Monday. Sophomore Madison Stottle has already decided to not go with the team to nationals due to other commitments to shows.

“It is a lot of money and a lot of time and I know that I won’t be able to fully commit to it and I don’t want to let the team down,” Stottle said. “I also can’t miss school because I already miss days for acting.”

With 22 girls on the team, they are hoping for at least 90 percent of the girls to go so that they can use in class practices to perfect their formations for nationals. If the number is lower, then they will have to have early morning and after school practices. Although they take the same dances that they use at local events to nationals the extra practices help polish the formations with the correct number of girls.

In order to go to nationals, the Lancer Dancers have to earn a bid from the staff at the NDA summer camp that they attend each year. The choreographer for the Lancer Dancers, Alexis Close, believes that the girls have earned the right to go and should take this opportunity.

“They wowed at camp,” Close said. “They won every award they could and demonstrated as a team that they are worthy.”

The Lancer Dancers are fundraising to help out as many team members as they can. So far they have had a pancake breakfast, sold entertainment books, and held lemonade stands. They will be selling boutonnieres for the dances and they have a babysitting business that allows girls to raise money for their own account.

“I hope everyone decides to go because it’s a great experience for the team,” senior drill team captain Sarah Cook said.“Nationals is a huge commitment but the payoff is totally worth it.”

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