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Two Girls One Craft: DIY Memory Shadow Box

Ahh summer, the highlight of every American teen’s year. There are the kids who attend every summer camp imaginable. The ones who practically live at the pool lathered up in suntan oil. The ones who finish their summer homework early so thy an relax the rest of their break…ha yeah we do not fall under that category. Heck, there are even some kids who stay inside cracked out on caffeine watching netflix all day because they “need to finish this episode of Orange is the New Black.” Whichever category you fall into, you are bound to make some memories.

DSC_0005As teenagers of the modern world, we tend to avoid the real world and bury ourselves in our phones. But by doing this we’re missing out on potential memories that could last a lifetime.

This summer Katie and I went to good ole Chi-Town and it was fab. We hit every sight, shop and eatery imaginable in The Windy City. It was a trip worth remembering. Before departing on our last summer “hurrah”, Katie and I hit up Pinterest to get inspiration for cool outfits, like we always do. As we were browsing, an interesting DIY project popped up. Obviously we had to check it out, I mean, we are the DIY queens. This is not your average DIY project, but it is one that fits our situation perfectly. A foot by foot shadow box filled with pamphlets, photos, souvenirs, and LOTS of memories. It was fate, we had to try it.

Throughout the trip we saved anything suitable for the memory box; including the receipt to our favorite little tea shop, our ticket to “The Blue Man Group”, our Boat Tour flier, The Sears Tower SkyDeck pamphlet and even our hotel room key.

So if you are on the hunt to find a project to capture your summer memories you have come to the right place. We will walk you through every step to creating your last tie to summer.


A shadow box – The size is up to you. They have shadow boxes in most craft stores near the frame section.

Souvenirs from your trip – The shadow box is not huge so try to stick with things made from paper.


Pictures from your trip or of the city you traveled to – The number of photos should correspond with the number of letters in your city’s name.

Stick glue


1. Remove the original paper from your shadow box and fill it with your souvenirs. Arrange in a way that you like best.

2. Take your pictures and trace a letter of the city’s name on each photo- “CHICAGO” C was traced on one picture, H on another, etc.

3. Cut out your traces.

DSC_00164. Glue the pictures to the top of the paper inside the shadow box.

Viola! You have just officially kissed summer goodbye. Don’t worry though it will come back next year. And the year after that and so on. And your new shadow box gives you a chance to go back to a better time in your life, a time without your AHAP report or trying to understand quantum physics. This project is easy and will not break the bank. Katie and I have decided to make one of these for every trip we take. We hope you enjoy yours as much as we do ours.


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