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District to Host Blood Drive

After spring break, the first ever district-wide blood drive will be held. The blood drive will be held across state line at Community Blood drive in the Plaza area. While in years past, students would file down into the SM East gymnasium for the annual SHARE blood drive.

The district’s new superintendent, Jim Hinson, thought it would be better to do a contest between all schools in the district rather than a competition between East students alone.

SHARE will be putting up signs to get the word out about the blood drive. Due to the blood drive’s far away location, Senior Erin McGinley said there will have to be far more announcements and advertising in order to achieve a large turn out.

“I personally don’t think there will be as good of a turn out, because it’s less convenient for people to go out to Community Blood Drive,” McGinley said. “Many people like to miss class for giving blood. It helps serve as an incentive to go down and participate.”

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