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Diary of a Mizzou Fan

Over the past week I’ve caught a lot of grief because of my ties to a University. Unable to make any argument, I have shut myself into solitude and blocked out the sports community. My pride has been very damaged, and may be for a long time. Despite my feelings, I have grieved and am ready to share my story with the world. This is the diary of a Mizzou fan:


Standing up pacing I watched the TV anxiously. We couldn’t lose, I knew it wouldn’t happen. I couldn’t even tell you what state Norfolk State was in. Whatever, Mizzou would not lose. My throat was hurting, and my palms were sweating, but over and over I told myself we wouldn’t lose.

Then I watched Phil Pressey’s shot soar over the rim. There it was, something I had mocked about for days became true. Number two seed Missouri had lost to 15 seed Norfolk State. My bracket busted and my dreams crushed, I dropped onto my couch and stared at the TV. I had yelled through the entire game, but now I was silenced.

The silence was broken with the buzz of my cell phone. I took a look.

Score Center Update: (2) Seed Missouri Loses to (15) seed Norfolk State in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Great. That’s just great- Score Center always pulling through with the In your face, your team lost, hahaha notification. Thanks.

At some point I knew I would have to look at Twitter, so why not now. From previous experiences, I thought I was fully prepared for the embarrassment to come. I was sorely wrong. There were some very hateful and foul Tweets about my beloved team, and not appropriate for this publication. Some were more PG:

Bye Bye Mizzou! #NorfolkState

SEC-YOU LATER! #MissouriSucks


With just a glance at my Timeline, I could already see double digit tweets bashing on Mizzou. Ashamed, I tweeted something along the lines of crying in my closet, and logged out.

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Three more Score Center notifications?! That has got to be a joke. Since when was it necessary to notify the sports community THREE times that their team lost? Oh and of course the texts were just rolling in. You can probably imagine what they were about.

Enough was enough, so I tossed my phone onto the couch, and proceeded to the basement to shut myself away from the power of media. Killing people on xbox was a good way to let off some steam, so I spent some time with that. That time alone was soon ended when I was comforted by a fellow friend, who greeted me attired with an “Eight Straight” championship t-shirt and a Kansas hat.

We went to dinner. My theory was this: there are so many people in their spring break destination, miles and miles away, that if I stay away from my phone, I wouldn’t be bothered about my loss and I could live in peace. It was a good theory, but once again I was wrong. We saw three classmates at Panera, and of course some comments were made.

By now most people think I need to get over it. It’s a game, they lost. I can handle that, and I did- for awhile.

The next day was another beautiful day in Kansas City. Feeling springy, I decided to plump down on my front porch and read a book. So here I am, turning pages in the spring sun, when I’m interrupted by a neighbor driving by.

How ‘bout that game last night?

Soon enough, another neighbor interrupts my relaxation. Then another, and then up to nine people stopped by innocent little me to take a cheap shot.

The shame has continued, even over a week after the game. I’m not as pathetic as you might think. Although it’s a bitter subject, I still stand strong by my team. If asked, I can explain why I think Mizzou was shocked in the first round. It’s painful to talk about, and sometimes I feel like crying, but one day I think I’ll get over it (maybe). But for now, I’m in the middle of a soap like story and I’ll act as dramatic as I want, even if it’s “just a sport”.

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