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DECA Students Place at Eastern Kansan Division Competition

Marketing students competed in the Kansas Eastern Region DECA competition, held at BV Northwest on Feb. 2.

Overall Results:

Libby Wooldridge: Business Services, 1st place

Ellie Jones: Principles of Hospitality, 1st place

Lexy Janney: Apparel and Accessories, 1st place

Natalie Pierce: Restaurant and Food Service, 1st place

Joel Anderson: Automotive Services, 1st place

Aidan Conley: Business Finance, 1st place

Matt Terry and Max Werner: Financial Svcs, 1st place

Gage Cameron: Sports and Entertainment Mktg, 1st place

Chloe Stradinger and Maddie Connelly: Marketing Comm, 2nd place

Sophia Hitchcock and Emma Pennington: Hospitality, 2nd place

Emma Meara, Principles of Marketing: 2nd place

Sophia Steckelberg, Restaurant and Food Service: 2nd place

Joe Simmons, Principles of Business: 2nd place

Mary Grace Diehl, Principles of Business: 3rd place

Audrey Hitchcock, Prinicples of Hospitality: 3rd place

Andrew Herst, Quick Service Restaurant: 3rd place

Will Cray and Parker Johnson: Financial Svcs, 3rd place

Helen Dinkel and Mickela Miller: Buying and Merch, 3rd place

Andrew Doerflinger: Food Marketing, 3rd place

Katie Crawford: Hotel and Lodging, 3rd place

Test Results:

Andrew Doerflinger: 1st place

Sophia Hitchcock: 1st place

Ellie Jones: 1st place

Joel Anderson: 1st place

Aidan Conley: 1st place

Trenton Barnes: 1st place

Octavio Viveros: 1st place

Clint Dunn: 1st place

Molly Jennings: 1st place

Andre Herst: 2nd place

Max Werner: 2nd place

Joe Simmons: 2nd place

Lexy Janney: 2nd place

Chloe Stradinger: 3rd place

Claire Newman: 3rd place

Katie Crawford: 3rd place

Gage Cameron: 3rd place

Emma Meara: 3rd place

Parker Johnson: 3rd place

Roleplay Results

Aidan Conley: 1st place

Libby Wooldridge: 1st place

Lexy Janney: 1st place

Natalie Pierce: 1st place

Joel Anderson: 1st place

Gage Cameron: 1st place

Matt Terry and Max Werner: 1st place

Maddie Connelly and Chloe Stradinger: 2nd place

Emma Meara: 2nd place

Emma Robson: 2nd place

Ellie Jones: 2nd place

Sophia Steckelberg: 2nd place

Helen Dinkel and Mickela Miller: 2nd place

Natalie Barnes: 2nd place

Will Cray and Parker Johnson: 3rd place

Audrey Hitchcock: 3rd place

Joe Simmons and Mary Grace Diehl: 3rd place tie

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