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Curtain Call: Meet the Four Seniors of the Spring Play

Christian Kennedy
Actor – Diabolical Host, Wife, the Panda, Mom


What part(s) or responsibilities do you have in the spring show?

I am Diabolical Host, Wife and the Panda in “Bad Ideas for Television Shows” and the Mom in “That’s Not How I Remember It.” I am also the makeup crew chief for the show, which isn’t a giant commitment for a show like this, but I make sure everyone looks their best. This is my fifth time being Makeup Crew Chief for an East production, and I’m very excited.

How do you feel with this being your last East theater production?

It’s an extremely emotional experience. It’s like the last hoorah. This will be my 14th main stage production here, not including the three Frequent Fridays I’ve participated in, and the two I have produced myself. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s much like graduating. It’s a section of my life that is coming to a much anticipated end but will never truly dissipate. The moment I stepped into the school theater was my home, and will never not be — ever. The magic, the family, the network, the lessons, the people that are backstage that I will truly miss. Words aren’t enough.

What difference has being involved in the East theater program made for your high school experience?

I think I would be a drastically different human if I never involved myself here at East. When I started theater eight years ago, I was shy, shut in and an extreme introvert. Looking back at getting the courage to audition for my first Frequent Friday here or even standing in front of [Co-Theater Director Brian] Cappello and introducing myself makes me laugh at the growth I have seen in myself. The friend group I have created has been tremendous — something I wouldn’t give up for the world. Instead of partying on weekends, we go do laser tag or scavenger hunts. We see shows, we laugh and create; and it’s something rare that I don’t think you can find in other areas at East. I love them. I love East theater.

What shows have you participated in at East?

I have done every musical at East during my four years. Those include “Shrek,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Putnam,” “Cinderella” and “Seussical.” Fall plays, which have been “Putnam,” “Blood Wedding” and “Our Town.” I’ve done every Musical Revue, I’ve been a part of the last two spring shows during my junior year and this year’s play will be my first time being an official cast member in the spring play.

What has your experience in East theater been like?

I can lump my experience and what I’ve learned here into a few short sentences. There is nothing that you need to know about yourself that extends further than your own capability and fear of failing. That is theater. That is East theater. Putting yourself out there is one of the hardest tasks of all time, and the arts have shown me that I’m capable of the impossible. It’s taught me to believe in myself.

What will you miss the most about theater at East?

I will miss the people. No questions asked.

What message would you give to the underclassmen in theater?

Believe. That’s all I can say to younger kids. Believe that everything will work out and that imagination is everywhere you step on a stage. Courage and creativity and true magic is there, in the shop, glitter dome, 213, little theater and center stage. Also, never forget to cherish the time you have here, because it’s faster than I was ever prepared for.

What has been your favorite memory while in theater?

My favorite memory has to be the senior girls’ tradition at the end of Seussical this year. Sadly I cannot tell you what beautiful moment was created in our small dressing room, but it was a memory that I will never forget with the seven other girls who stood with me. I will miss this and everyone to the end of the world.



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