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Creative Co/Lab Deadline Approaching

IMG_9707On March 12, members of Creative Co/lab filed into a bus and made their way to the Healthy River Partnership headquarters, located at 815 Woodswether Rd.

Each member was given a piece of chalk and were able to claim either a plot on the concrete mainroom or a from a selection of small rooms that flag the corridors of the building. They will be able to alter their space within reason to best display their pieces. For many members, this trip served as their first look at the space they will be converting for their gallery showing.

One of the club”s major priorities now is making sure that they will be putting in enough time to make this show the best show it can be.

“The freedom that Finkelston has given us for this show is fantastic,” sophomore Grace Menninger said. “But it”s really up to us individually and as a group to make it as great as it can be.”

According to sophomore Sarah Blumenthal, the recent field trip served to excite and remind members of how close their deadline is.

“I think some of us kind of forgot about how close the show date is,” Blumenthal said. “Now we’re all kind of rushed.”

Despite the field trips the club has been able to take this year the rest of the project will now be done outside of school hours. This may serve as a challenge for some of the club members with sports, homework and jobs some students have.IMG_9710

Blumenthal is working on designing and constructing a dress inspired by the Missouri River where the club took a trip to in the fall to serve as a basis for students.

“I just have a lot of inspiration now,” Blumenthal said. “It’s a lot different than just finding your own inspiration, you’re given an assignment which I sometimes don’t like but this time the assignment is really free and you can do whatever.”

The showcase will be open to the public on May 1 during First Fridays.

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