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Coalition Installs New Sculpture in Staircase

Junior Maggie Rose Bridges discusses the hanging structures with another club member. Bridges and her older sister Grace, a senior, worked on the sculpture at their house. Photo by Maria Dunn

After school on Wednesday, Feb. 12, Coalition installed a sculpture in the main staircase on the third floor. Coalition created the sculpture to raise awareness for the organization Love 146, an organization that the club has supported for the past several years. The organization works to end human trafficking and exploitation. The sculpture is also advertising the upcoming Love 146 Concert. The concert is being held at Village Presbyterian Church on Thursday, Feb. 20 and will raise money for Love 146.

The club has been working on the sculpture for about a week, with senior Grace Bridges and her sister, junior Maggie Rose Bridges, working on parts at their home.

“We just wanted to have something in the stairwell for sure because that’s been really noticeable before when people put stuff there,” Grace said. “We wanted it to be something bigger than just a banner like we did last year.”

The sculpture features hanging paper hearts with a red dress in the middle. The dress symbolizes the sex trafficking that Love 146 is trying to end. The sculpture will be on display until Wednesday, Feb. 19 when the club will move it to the church for the concert.

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