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Comedy Pitch Perfect Provides Endless Entertainment

“Pitch Pefect” follows college freshman Beca, who decides to join an all-women acapella group, the Bellas. The Bellas are one of four acapella groups at Barden College, with their main rival being the all-male group, the Treble Makers. The film follows the ups and down of the Bellas trying to make it to the national competition for college acapella groups, and of Beca’s relationship with one of the Trebel Makers, Jesse.

[media-credit name=”” align=”alignright” width=”100″][/media-credit]It’s predictable. It’s cheesy. And it’s hilarious.

Walking into “Pitch Perfect” I expected a funny rom-com centered around acapella groups. And that’s pretty much what I got. The movie is pretty shallow, so if you’re expecting a thought-provoking indie film about angsty singers, you’ll be disappointed.

Kay Cannon, known for writing for “30 Rock” and “The New Girl” wrote the movie’s screenplay. The writing was witty and the characters were original. It was refreshing to see new characters and not just the same old Hollywood stereotypes being rehashed with every new blockbuster. Although the ending is easy to predict, it’s also easy to overlook in favor of the movie’s humor.

However, my main issue with the movie was with Beca. Not just the character, really, but the actress. Beca was played by Anna Kendrick, and Anna Kendrick is usually typecast as a perky, peppy character. Beca, however, was supposed to be dark and mysterious. And really, it was hard to get past. Kendrick’s acting was perfectly fine, but it’s difficult to see her as anything else but as an innocent cheerleader-type. Kendrick’s eyeliner was too heavy and her demeanor too dark.

But Awkward Anna is no reason to not see “Pitch Perfect.” If not for the vocal skills of every actor involved, see it for Fat Amy.

Yes, that’s the character’s name.

[media-credit name=”” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit] Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, is the main source of comedy throughout the movie. Wilson’s character is full of witty one-liners and never failed to get a laugh from the audience. Providing both physical (being hit by a flying burrito) and verbal comedy (“it’s horizontal running!”), Wilson really is the star of the movie.

And really, “Pitch Perfect” is a triple threat. Not just because of the amazing singing, dancing and acting abilities of the main cast, but because of the writing, directing and casting. Although, as stated, Kendrick was unfit for her role, Wilson was perfect. The rest of the Bellas were cast extremely well, being fronted by Anna Camp (“aca-scuze me?!”) and Brittany Snow. The directing was great and the comedic timing spot-on.

Over all, “Pitch Perfect” is worth a watch. It’s a funny movie with good singing and an even better soundtrack. It’s light-hearted and predictable, but a good example of new female comedy. While it could be called a less-funny version of “Bridesmaids,” this movie is worth every dollar you spend on the ticket. So go see it, or things could get “aca-awkward.”

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