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Coalition Love 146 Benefit Concert


Coalition will be hosting its third Love 146 benefit concert at Country Club Christian Church tonight at 7 p.m.

The profits from ticket sales and donations will go towards funding the end of child trafficking and exploitation. Human trafficking is recognized as slavery, and around 20.9 million people are estimated to be trafficked today according to “” Specifically, Love 146 helps children who are targeted more because of their vulnerability.

The concert will be featuring a combination of high schoolers and bands from around Kansas City, ranging from east students like senior Charlie Jensen, juniors Kylie Ledford and Christian Kennedy, to professional bands like GYGAS and The Greeting Committee.

“I’ve always loved performing at Love 146 because it has been a great opportunity for east kids to perform for their classmates,” Jensen said.

The students and bands will all be performing original songs and covers all in support of the charity. Concessions will also be offered and the money will go towards Love 146.

“I’ll be playing some covers with Christian and Kylie including “Burnin’ Up” by the Jonas Brothers, because, why not,” junior Reagan Flora said.

Social studies teacher David Muhammad organized the concert along with help from Coalition. They worked hard to support the end of sex trafficking around the world through the foundation, Love 146.

“It’s a very effective fundraiser for a really important cause,” Jensen said. “And it’s helped to show how sex trafficking is very relevant to our daily lives.”

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