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Coalition Holds Annual Bake Sale


Coalition will be hosting their annual bake sale at Prairie Elementary from 9-1 a.m. on Sept. 18. This year’s proceeds will be going towards Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rights group in India. Members will be selling an assortment of baked goods in return for a donation.

Junior and Coalition board member Isabel Miller chose Animal Aid Unlimited to be this year’s organizations, whereas in past years proceeds have gone towards other organizations like Uplift, Charity Water, and Anna’s Oven.

“I am in love with animals and I have been nagging Mr. Mu to let me do an animal organization for one of the causes for a long time now, and a few weeks ago he told me I could pick an animal organization,” Miller said. “After doing a lot of research I finally picked Animal Aid Unlimited.”

The organization focuses on animal rights in the city and providing the care animals need to survive on the streets. Animal Aid Unlimited rescues animals from the streets, provides hospitalization and gives sanctuary to animals not fit to return to their original habitats.

To support the cause, community members can donate in exchange for baked goods. All donations, no matter the monetary value, are appreciated to help the cause.

Coalition relies heavily on the flow of people in and out of church at nearby Village Presbyterian for donations and to promote the bake sale to other people around the neighborhood. Being stationed along Mission Road makes it a prime location to attract people outside running or walking their dog on a Sunday.

“It takes place in the morning, usually around 9-1, because that’s when we get the church crowd and other people walking their dogs,” junior and board member Isabelle Cunningham said.

In past years Coalition has raised anywhere between $500 to $800 from the bake sale. Their goal this year is to raise as much as they can, hopefully reaching at least as much as previous years, but striving for close to $1,000. They promote this bake sale mainly by making signs and encouraging friends and family to spread word of the event.

The treats for sale are baked or bought by members of Coalition who signed up. The baked goods range from classic chocolate chip cookies to vegan cupcakes to creamy peanut butter fudge bars.

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