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Cisco vs Bluecoat


Bluecoat never worked – except for in the corner of my basement. It took hours to load correctly and would randomly go out. Even the teachers got annoyed with Bluecoat never working and interfering with class, like when Airplay would drop nine times in one class period. I had hope that Cisco would solve all of my computer issues.

I anxiously awaited the moment when I no longer had to wait hours upon hours just to connect to the internet while in class. The first morning we got Cisco it worked decently well. My computer connected quickly to the Wi-fi. It stayed connected the entire time, no issues like Bluecoat. It took a minute to connect to the Wi-fi, but I just thought that would be normal due to everyone trying to do it at once.

Administrator Britt Haney sent out an email with instructions about what to do when the computers crashed and wouldn’t connect, but since my computer worked at school I assumed that it would be fine at home.

The exact opposite happened.

I was so frustrated, nothing worked and all that I wanted was Bluecoat to be returned. I already don’t have lots of patience and with computer issues it makes it 10 times worse. I went home with the intention of writing a paper for my English class and getting my objectives completed for my biology test. But the tiny orange circle just went round and round for what seemed like forever. I clicked the connect button a minimum of 20 times, but it was to no avail.

Cisco worked much worse than Bluecoat; I immensely miss the blue dot showing up in the right hand corner of my computer screen. The orange circle would not connect and a VPN message consistently popped up, telling me it was unable to connect to wifi. It took the IT guy about an hour to figure out what was wrong with my computer.

Somehow the IT guy, who I now look up to as God, figured out the problem. My username was not registered, and it kept on connecting to the wrong wifi. My computer finally worked, but still every single time I log into my computer I have to connect to wifi, and it takes at least five minutes to show up. The issues that I had with Cisco were more Wi-fi-related issues than I have had over the span of my entire life. I got so frustrated with my computer I almost snapped it in half.

Bluecoat may not have been the most reliable, but it sure was faster than Cisco. Cisco never works, and I still have to restart my computer and wait for it to load. I never thought that I would say that I miss Bluecoat, but that day has come. Bluecoat is gone but never forgotten.DCP_3600

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