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Christmas Comes Too Early!

Last weekend was November 1st, and the annual “Heady Festival of Leaves.” The gracious day that my parents decide to hold in November where they torture their children by making them cancel any plans they had to pick up leaves in the yard. To say the least, not a big fan of this day. I’d much rather do just about anything then get pricked by dead oak tree leaves.

We ran out of gas in the mower and my father summoned me and told me to go to the phillips 66 down the street to get some. So I hopped into the other family gas guzzler and off i went. I scanned through the radio channels and came about 98.1 KUDL. Arguably my least favorite station. Not only do they have the Delilah show that makes me want to scream bloody murder, but now that it’s after Halloween, they now have the guts to play Christmas music. People, its Nov. 1. What makes you think that I need to hear Christmas music 55 days before Christmas? I mean honestly, do you hear patriotic music on the 1st of June for the 4th of July? No. Which is why I’m proposing a bill.

Yes, I said it. A bill. Like to the Congress. It’s more likely that I’d submit it to youth and government but still. I’m proposing a bill that states can only jingle bell rock, let it snow, or have a holly jolly Christmas from the dates of Dec. 15 through Dec. 27.

On the 15th of December you are exactly 10 days away from destroying all wrapping paper in your path to get to your Chrismas goodies. Being 10 days away, it is an appropriate day to start your count down. (Even though we all know you’ve had a countdown in your planner since Sept. 25) Once the 15th comes, you become very infatuated with the thought of Christmas, and it is then Ok to sing along

On the 27th of December the Christmas cheer is still in the air but its starting to plummet. You might as well rip off the Christmas band-aid fast, rather than sulk in your disappointment that your reindeer aren’t coming for another 364 days. Though exceptions of late Christmas parties are accepted, any walking in a winter-wonderland after the 27th, should be severely frowned upon.

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