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Cheerleaders Participate in Annual Scavenger Hunt

Senior Elyse Chinook's family – who won – dressed up as old people, complete with walkers.

Senior Elyse Chinook’s family – who won – dressed up as old people, complete with walkers.

Cheer participated in their annual scavenger hunt on Saturday. The team as a whole is split up into ‘families,’ each led by one senior, who dressed up in a theme of their choice. Senior Elyse Chinnock’s family won by five points, gaining the fifteen point increase of having the best costume – old people.

Each family – about seven cheerleaders each – was given a list of about 35 items to find in about an hour and twenty minutes. The team met at East before the hunt began to reveal their costumes. Senior Hope Hess had her family dress up as the Harlem Globetrotters.

“When we get to East, it’s like a showdown, it’s like a battle of the families type of thing,” senior Hope Hess said. “My family had the Harlem Globetrotter’s theme song playing when we showed up, and we were outside dribbling basketballs.”

The most intense part is still the search for the items on the scavenger hunt, however. 

“My family got everything on the list except one thing,” Hess said. “One was, ‘Have a quarterback throw you a catch.’ So everyone sits in the car and calls people like, ‘Are you home? Are you home?’ Luke Kaiser just walked out of film for football, so we sprinted to him like, ‘Oh my god, can you throw me a football?’”

Photos Courtesy of Hope Hess

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