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Chance the Rapper Concert Review


You don’t want zero problems big fella!

Yup!’s echoed from the audience and ensured no one’s feet were flat on the floor. My fist had yet to stop pumping and the girl next to me was profusely sweating.

I knew Chance the Rapper would put on an interesting show once a life size lion puppet appeared onstage. This was the intro to one of the best performances of the concert, “No Problem,” where it didn’t matter if you were a sophomore in college coming back to KC just for the concert or an eighth grade boy who came with all of his friends, everyone knew the words and no one was afraid to sing.

Chance’s spontaneity made its debut the second he jumped on stage with his colorful animal puppets. Every inch of the stage was covered with a huge pink bird playing the piano and a choir of birds to compliment him and the other puppets. I was also thrilled to see he had a matching jean jacket with the stuffed lion Carlos and was wearing the number 3 hat featured in his album cover.

The lion, Carlos, acted as Chance’s conscience which helped lead the audience through his various mixtapes like Acid Rap from 2013 all the way to his most recent album, Coloring Book.

This unique way of bringing his conscience to life got me pumped for what else was in store. It reminded me why I had spent three hours waiting in a line that wrapped around the corner of Baltimore Avenue, missed dinner and put off all my homework until 1 a.m. Most of all, I understood why his concert had sold out in a matter of days.

img_8477He changed the atmosphere of the iconic Midland Theatre to feel more like he was part of the crowd rather than an untouchable music figure. He would stop every so often just to make sure everyone was hyped and on their feet at all times and always gave the crowd a chance to sing their favorite lyrics. He made it feel like he wasn’t the performer, but just looking for a good time – even though it meant he didn’t get to act like an ignorant popstar.

I had been anticipating this concert since June 25, when I bought the tickets. I listened to his full album Coloring Book on repeat, whether it be background noise while doing math homework or keeping up to his tempo while on a run. The anticipation for the hype of the concert was more than satisfied.

Chancellor Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper, had stolen my heart and my entire night – and I loved every second of it.Throughout the night I kept thinking
this can’t get any better. Then it would. Whether it be by a confetti shower halfway through the concert or the smoke and strobe light combination, I had never been more willing to give up my sight for the next couples day due to bright bursts of light and color.

I swear, I swear he looked right at me! was a text circulating around my friend group chat the next day at school. But I believe it – it’s almost like he wanted to personally thank everyone for coming.

As I left the Midland and was handed my very own “Coloring Book World Tour” souvenir ticket stub, I realized my love for him came from his stage presence. His lively spirit and lyrics you would rarely hear on Mix 93.3 made for an unforgettable experience worth the $64.

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