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Cancun Fiesta Fresh Review

Driving past Cancun Fiesta Fresh there is no way you could miss the chartreuse hot pink building. Walking in the doors a few minutes later the inside gives a similar vibrant vibe as the outside. Soccer games and Hispanic music are playing on the TV in the background.SES_1881

I decided, under recommendation from a friend, to give the Street Tacos a shot. It only took a few minutes of friendly conversation about the weather with the waiter before my four carnitas tacos arrived at our table. The waiter was very friendly and made conversation about the weather with my Mom and I while waiting.  

There were three options for self-serve salsa: mild, hot and very hot. Most of which were barely legible on the lids of the plastic bowls. I, having a very limited tolerance for anything spicy, tried the mild to put on my tacos and chips.

The salsa was probably one of the best parts of my experience. It had just enough kick to be interesting, but not enough to take away from whatever I put it on.

In my family Mexican food is a staple, so I have tasted a lot of tacos in my 16 years and these held their own against the rest. Though I think the meat could have been more flavorful, the massive amounts of cilantro on each taco compensated for it. I would like to have my tacos with lots of cheese and These tacos would not fall into the top of the rankings of the tacos I have had.  I would give them a seven out of ten. Though they tasted fine they did not live up to the hype the friend who had recommended them had built up in my mind. I think if these tacos had a little more going on toppings wise, they would have been much more enjoyable.

SES_1880I also gave the nachos a try while I was there. These were much better than I expected. Covered in cheese, chicken and jalapenos, these nachos did not look very appealing, but tasted better than they looked. The cheese had a nice spice to it and the jalapenos, though I didn’t eat them, gave it more flavor. The chicken and cheese was spread evenly throughout, so none of the chips were left barren.

I also consider the chips a big part of the mexican food dining experience. The chips at Cancun Fiesta Fresh were average – they lacked any sort of flavor. The chips I get at Chipotle surpass the ones I received at the restaurant.

Cancun Fiesta Fresh is a solid twenty minutes from my house, so I don’t think I will return very often, but I did enjoy my afternoon eating tacos in Westport. Overall, the restaurant is an average and cheap place to get tacos.



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Brooklyn Terrill

Brooklyn Terrill is a junior at Shawnee Mission East and has been on staff for a year and a half. She is the Assistant Mobile Media Editor. When she isn’t studying, she spends her time being choir, theater, and SHARE as the chair for Mission Adelante and Pinky Swear. Read Full »

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