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Campaigns for Coalition

The East Coalition is preparing for their final project of the year. Due to their extensive work with fundraising throughout the year, the members have decided to go a different route for their finale. Coalition sponsor David Muhammad, alongside his club members, has planned two different awareness campaigns that will take place during school in hopes of spreading awareness about their causes.


Water Awareness

The first campaign they have decided to run will raise water awareness throughout the student body. The campaign takes place on a mobile phone or computer and is nearly entirely online.

“The website is called ‘’,” Muhammad said. “Students pledge a certain amount of time to stay off their phone and for every 15 minutes their phone doesn’t move Unicef donates water to a place in need.”

The awareness campaign is set to take place the week of April 13th during both lunches and seminars, as well as throughout the day whenever possible.

“We are planning on having an announcement in each lunch on Monday urging students to pledge time to the cause,” Senior club member Emma Matthews said. “Then we will pass out water shaped pledge forms and post them up for everyone to see who is helping the cause.”

The online water awareness project is something very new to the Coalition club. In the past the organization has focused largely on fundraisers to help those in need but with the success they had this school year, they wanted to branch out to new ideas and possibilities.

“This is something completely new to us,” Matthews says, “So I am very excited to see the turnout!”


Poaching Problem

As for the second project, the Coalition community is still debating between several options. The two front runners currently are a Poaching awareness project or a Fair Trade fundraiser.

“As soon as we decide which cause to help, we will announce it to the school,” Matthews says, “Again, I am so excited to see the turnout!”

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