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Briarwood Elementary Construction

Briarwood Elementary in Prairie Village is being reconstructed this year. The construction is estimated to be done within the 2016-2017 school year. While they are waiting for the building to finish, students will be displaced to Broadmoor Technical Center near Metcalf. The old school could barely fit its enrolled 580 students whereas the new school will be able to fit a maximum of 655 students. This leaves room for more students to enroll next year.

The new school will feature many new enhancements, such as a new security system, science center, media center, more parking, music room and a more efficient drop-off area. These features will improve the school the most. Briarwood will be able to grow as a school as well as modernize to accommodate their students and faculty’s needs with the rebuild.

Pictures from SMSD Briarwood’s website

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