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Breaking News: New NHS members inducted

A new group of 125 National Honor Society members were inducted into the SME chapter of the organization last night. The ceremony was held in the East Auditorium.

East NHS Sponsor Melinda DiGirolamo led the ceremony, reading each inductees name and giving a speech about the core of NHS. The four senior officers, Andrew Moore, Madeline Hlobik, Iman Jaroudi and Jonah Golder each gave a speech on the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, service, leadership and chapter, respectively.

“As officers we all prepared speeches to represent a certain pillar,” Hlobik said. “My pillar was service, so I discussed how service can impact the members and how their service activities can lead them to different passions.”

In addition to DiGirolamo and the officers, Dr. McKinney gave a speech to open the ceremony. McKinney noted the impressive accomplishment of the inductees and how proud their families should be about them.

In order to be inducted into NHS, students must have a GPA of at least 3.5 at the end of either their sophomore or junior year and conduct 15 hours of community service. Inductees must also pass review by administration of their discipline record, receive an endorsement from a teacher or coach and be reviewed by the entire East staff, according to the East NHS website.

After the induction ceremony, the new members were invited to a celebration with their families in the cafeteria, complete with cupcakes and lemonade.

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Abby Walker

Abby Walker is a senior at SMEast and the print features section editor as well as copy editor. This is Abby’s third year on staff and second as a copy editor. At East Abby is also a SHARE chair for Hope House and The Mission Projects. Abby looks forward to seeing the publication grow and teaching new staffers about the ins and outs of the infamous J-Room. Read Full »

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