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Breaking News: Fundraiser Being Held at Choir Concert

Tonight there will be a fundraiser at the choir concert for the Refugio Sharehaus. The Refugio Sharehaus is a safe home whose goal is to provide a place for refugees to live in a community while they work on finding more permanent housing and jobs.

The idea of having the fundraiser began when the choir participated in a concert over Spring Break in Berlin that was to raise money for the safe home. The next day the choir students visited the Sharehaus and met recent immigrants and toured the building.

The immigrants live in dorm style rooms, take German lessons, and have mediation, yoga and stress management activities. There is also a coffee shop in the building to help make money.

Lisa Welker, mom of junior and choir student Emma Vaughters, accompanied on her daughter on the trip and said that the kids really fell in love with the idea of being able to help the refugees.

After that, Welker began coordinating with SHARE coordinator Krissie Wiggins about creating an opportunity for people to donate at the last choir concert. There will be donation baskets in the lobby area, as well in the office until May 13 if people want to donate after the concert. Hummus and pita, the same food the refugees served to the students in Berlin, will be available at the concert, and posters on display as well.

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Claire Pottenger

Claire Pottenger is a senior at Shawnee Mission East. She is the is Co-Editor-in-Chief for print and has been on staff for three years. She is a varsity volleyball player, a SHARE Chairperson, and participates in Kansas DECA. Read Full »

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