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Breaking News: Diversity Club Field Trip to Wyandotte


On Tuesday, the East Diversity Club took a field trip to Wyandotte High School to discuss the history of race and its involvement in society today.

Mrs. Feinberg and Mr. Muhammad started the club roughly three years ago, partnering with a teacher from Wyandotte High School, Tim Stoeffer. After having success last year, the club now has school funding, allowing for more opportunities to have trips and discussions.

The Johnson County Library sponsored the event, wanting to bring groups from all different groups to partake in the discussion. Wyandotte hosted East as well as Paseo High School for the first gathering this year.

“The purpose of these trips is to create a community outside of East, uniting you with kids you might not typically speak with to create a community of commonalities and common thinking,” Muhammad said. “We can then go broader with Paseo and Wyandotte to create some like mentalities and like support so from there it can grow and expand”.

The next trip will be in October when the club will go to the Nelson Atkins Museum with Wyandotte to explore race in art and pop culture.

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